Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hi my name is Yee Ee and its been 5 months since my last posting...

(don't be fooled by the pic, its an old pic, today i actually havin a flu and look like crap.. hmm... maybe photo with face mask also cool... :P)

...many things have happened and not happened along the way.. good and none really bad but lotsa bz times settling into the job, learning how thing work and trying to keep some sort of routine going..

i sleep earlier than i used to coz i report to work like 830-900 instead of 930-1000.. so tend to sleep earlier abit.. but u know me.. hehehhehe.. though i have to say those weeks when i goto bed at 10-12 atnight i wake up fresh as a... erm.. vegetable??flower??? just fresh la... :)

been down to cross the causeway twice since i started.. been a new experience.. challenging nonetheless but hanging in there for the ride.. progression & growth normally comes with challenge.. i think... lols..

a close buddy and some ex colleagues have now defected across the causeway to move on and experience working in another country. i wish you all well and that your soujourn day is rewarding from all angles la of course... my son & daughter (u know who u are) have really grown up (very proud of them) and sometimes i feel like a little nostalgic about our times together as a team.. i may not have been the best but it was a happy period of my life... :D

i miss my team in Prox to0.. it gets lonely here.. and i dun have my 2 EE's Angels here, my 2 princesses hv also moved on, one is planning on blissful matrimony and a "tai-tai's" life thereafter(joking oni, dear) and my russian royalette is rocking with the rest of the gang at RAPP..

i always worked in a team small or big.. but now its different dynamics though its a team. hehehhe.. new ma so hv to relearn kua.. maybe more serious but still its a very wholesome yet professional environment.. i go for baby shows and not alcohol n cigarette events.. now its hot moms n their babies n not hot chics with hot bods... lol.. well some moms are HOT TOO i have to say... lols..

been meeting alot of the good people from the industry and its good seeing them too.. its a same wavelength thing i guess.. am i suppose to go back to the agencies in the future??? are these signs??? TEN TEN TEN!!!!