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Thoughts to think about for commercial bloggers in MY..

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October 25, 2010

Why So Loverly is leaving Nuffnang & How clients and agencies should treat bloggers

It seemed like such a good idea. A local advertising service catering to the blogging community, bringing unity and credibility to the medium. Unfortunately, Nuffnang has proven to be manipulative, disrespectful to the community and frankly rather clueless of the value and power of the blogging medium.

As such So Loverly has removed all Nuffnang ads and will be forfeiting the money we have made on it in protest against such treatment.

This really isn't about the amounts of money we've made. It's entirely possible that if So Loverly had stooped to slightly less ethical blogging practices we could have made considerably more. Here are our reasons, based on my personal experience as a professional journalist, backed by my co-bloggers:

1. Nuffnang inherently disrespects the blogging community. By attempting to run competitions instead of campaigns - pitting one blogger against another and by attempting to ban bloggers from dealing with other social media advertisers, Nuffnang is ignoring the media's inherent value. The truth is Nuffnang would not exist without bloggers whereas we'd happily go on blogging without them.. They need to learn their place.

2. Nuffnang attempts to monopolise bloggers. Recently, Nuffnang created their "Glitterati Plus" group. To belong to it bloggers must, among other things, attend about 50% of all Nuffnang events and attend and post exclusively on Nuffnang events and advertisers. This is ridiculously deluded. The onus is on Nuffnang to create events and campaigns so compelling that bloggers WANT to be at their events. This is how the media is supposed to work. Please don't let them continue with this delusion.

3. Nuffnang dangles events as prizes and payment. Media events are money-making for the organisers and provide the sponsor with publicity. Dangling it as a prize or payment is like awarding work for work. How ridiculous is that? If I win the event as a prize I should not have to blog about it. Instead they are making money both ways. They run competitions and get paid, award an event they are presumably PAID to organise as a prize, and then reap the benefits of bloggers blogging about the event. Also, competitions pay them better than campaigns as not all participants are compensated.

4. Nuffnang assumes all Malaysian bloggers are ignorant and teenagers. Not only by the practices listed above but the promotional ideas they forward. For example, the Vaseline "Are You Moist Enough?" blogger competition which had bloggers writing "the best post" answering if they were "moist enough". Who thought this up? A bunch of horny teenagers? Not to mention the ridiculous prize - the Vaseline Are You Moist Enough Party (after which, Nuffnang tweeted that "all ther staffs are moist" [sic]). Frankly, it's the job of professional media to attend these things and we're paid to do so - it certainly isn't doled out as a "prize".

5. Nuffnang treats foreign bloggers with more respect. If you read online, they treat Australian bloggers with considerably more respect than local ones which, when you consider that Nuffnang is Malaysian, is a crying shame.

6. Nuffnang is advertorial heavy. Advertorials are really not what blogs are about. Being paid to say something is good undermines the value of blogs as word-of-mouth opinion. If So Loverly ever accepted money to say a product was good, when we didn't think so, would you ever trust us again? So Loverly has never accepted money, products or services to voice an opinion we didn't believe. Giving us a free product or service to try merely gives us the chance to try something we might not have otherwise and will usually guarantee an HONEST review. (Edited from "Nuffnang wants us to lie to you" as I felt that was more sensationalist than fair. I don't think advertorials are ethically wrong if disclosed. I do feel they are a strategic mistake however).

These statements are opinion and perhaps not fact. But I have tried to be fair and balanced in my evaluation of this social media advertising service. Do read it through and make your own decision.

So how should companies and agencies deal with bloggers? Here are 10 pieces of advice on handling Bloggers for brands, PR and media agencies:
1. Treat us with the same respect you treat professional / mainstream media.

2. If you want us to write about an event, make the event worth writing about. Believe me, we enjoy what we do or we wouldn't be doing it so when something great happens, we're bursting to share. Make something great happen.

3. Freebies and review products are not the same thing. A free gift is a GIFT and I am entitled to do whatever I wish with it. A product for review however, if accepted, promises a review after a full and fair evaluation of the product. (edit: That means giving us enough time to test the product)

4. If you want a review written in any particular fashion disclose it first before sending the product for the blogger to accept or reject.

5. Why are bad reviews good for you? Because not only is it valuable market data, it prevents girls who the product would not work for from trying it and thus damaging your brand image with them. The girls on So Loverly, and many beauty bloggers disclose our skintypes for a reason. And if a product fails to work for us we try to discern why and recommend it for other skintypes. Your brand value will actually strengthen with honest and fair reviews.

6. Be honest and don't attempt to use us.

7. Choose your blogs wisely. I am the last to say that all blogs are created equal. Each one is unique and appeals to different demographics. Read a few posts to learn if this is the blog for you.

8. Don't expect miracles. Getting your product or service reviewed by us is like having someone tell a thousand friends about a personal experience. Whether they trust us or not entirely depends on the individual. We're not a silver bullet.

9. Please don't treat us like we're idiots or children. All the bloggers on So Loverly are highly educated professionals. Same goes for the circle of beauty bloggers we hang out with. Dangling a goody bag as a prize for a review, asking us to stick products down our cleavage, or assuming we don't know basic chemistry or dermatology is insulting.

10. Be human. Social media is about people. Bloggers are people, our readers are people and this is your chance as a brand to also be a person. Don't waste this chance by attempting to be a faceless product. Talk to us and then listen.

I will be happy to talk to anyone about the opinions voiced here. Do leave a comment or send us an email!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happee Nu Year!!!

Wow... It's been awhile. End of last year was quite a bz time at work. Was travelling a fair bit on Dec, a week in SG for workshop and immediately to Sydney via BKK also for work. Was there to shadow our counterpart and learn from her how do they manage digital in an FMCG environment. Back in KL for a week and I was off to BKK and surroundings for Christmas and New Year.

Was in BKK for 4days, then off to Pattaya(where I only saw the toilet for 24hrs), then off to Koh Samet for NYE and got back to BKK on 1st and was back in KL on 2nd.

What did I learn from all this?

Well, BKK airport has a great massage place in the terminal, so if u got time to kill or are transiting at ridiculous times u know where to go. The Mango Tree restaurant serves quite decent Thai food. . Platinum Plaza is a great place to shop, Chatuchak is too HOT, Spending NYE at a beach is COOL, though crowded... Especially if every hotel on the beach is letting off fireworks continuosly for 20 min non-stop.

And not to forget, too much sticky rice gives u indigestion.. :(

P.S.:- pics to follow later...;)

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Hello World... :)

Hello world... :)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hi my name is Yee Ee and its been 5 months since my last posting...

(don't be fooled by the pic, its an old pic, today i actually havin a flu and look like crap.. hmm... maybe photo with face mask also cool... :P)

...many things have happened and not happened along the way.. good and none really bad but lotsa bz times settling into the job, learning how thing work and trying to keep some sort of routine going..

i sleep earlier than i used to coz i report to work like 830-900 instead of 930-1000.. so tend to sleep earlier abit.. but u know me.. hehehhehe.. though i have to say those weeks when i goto bed at 10-12 atnight i wake up fresh as a... erm.. vegetable??flower??? just fresh la... :)

been down to cross the causeway twice since i started.. been a new experience.. challenging nonetheless but hanging in there for the ride.. progression & growth normally comes with challenge.. i think... lols..

a close buddy and some ex colleagues have now defected across the causeway to move on and experience working in another country. i wish you all well and that your soujourn day is rewarding from all angles la of course... my son & daughter (u know who u are) have really grown up (very proud of them) and sometimes i feel like a little nostalgic about our times together as a team.. i may not have been the best but it was a happy period of my life... :D

i miss my team in Prox to0.. it gets lonely here.. and i dun have my 2 EE's Angels here, my 2 princesses hv also moved on, one is planning on blissful matrimony and a "tai-tai's" life thereafter(joking oni, dear) and my russian royalette is rocking with the rest of the gang at RAPP..

i always worked in a team small or big.. but now its different dynamics though its a team. hehehhe.. new ma so hv to relearn kua.. maybe more serious but still its a very wholesome yet professional environment.. i go for baby shows and not alcohol n cigarette events.. now its hot moms n their babies n not hot chics with hot bods... lol.. well some moms are HOT TOO i have to say... lols..

been meeting alot of the good people from the industry and its good seeing them too.. its a same wavelength thing i guess.. am i suppose to go back to the agencies in the future??? are these signs??? TEN TEN TEN!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Radio Silence... video killed the radio star??

Sorry for the radio silence...

Been busy at the new job. My first month.. Getting a semblance of a routine going.. And boy do I sleep early indeed nowadays... :)

So far so good. Like it here so far. Think they were on the list of "World's Best Employers in 2006".

Feels good to be workin, the extended holiday was exactly tat.. EXTTTTEEEEEEEENNNNNDDDDEEEEED!!!

More soons... :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 Foreign Flicks..

My Sassy Girl


Recently just rewatched a favourite Korean flick & also checked out the movie "Che".

My Sassy Girl has been an all time Kollywood film which i have enjoyed watching countless times. Not watched the Hollywood adaptation yet. It actually started as an internet serial in Korea. As most Korean movies that i have enjoy there's always elements of LOVE & STOMACH CLUTCHING HUMOUR!!

Source from Wikipedia:

My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀; literally, That Bizarre Girl) is a 2001 South Koreanromantic comedy film directed by Kwak Jae-yong, in which the lead protagonist's chance meeting with a drunk girl on the train changes his life. It is based on the true story told in a series of love letters written by Kim Ho-sik, a man who initially posted them on the Internet and later adapted them into a novel.

The film was extremely successful in South Korea.[1] When My Sassy Girl was released throughout East Asia, it was well received in the entire region. An American remake, starring Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert, and directed by Yann Samuell was released in 2008.[2] A Japanese drama adaptation with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and actress Rena Tanaka as the leads started broadcasting in April 2008.[3]

Che was good. DO watch.. Mr. Del Toro has never let me down!! :)

Source from Wikipedia:

Che is a two-part 2008 biopic about Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Benicio del Toro as the title character. Taking a cinéma vérité stylistic approach, the pictorial diptych comprises two merged films entitled The Argentine and Guerrilla. Each part is intentionally illustrated with differing approaches to narrative linearity, camerawork, and aspect ratios; with such duality intended to be reflective of the two military campaigns' divergent outcomes. The first part, The Argentine, focuses on the Cuban revolution from when Fidel Castro, Guevara and other revolutionaries landed on the Caribbean island to when they successfully toppled the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista two years later. The second part, Guerilla, meanwhile focuses on Che's futile attempt to bring revolution to Bolivia and on his early demise.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Featuring: Mob's Crib

Hey peeps, i jus wanna share some cool & sometimes twistedly inspired artwork from Mob's Crib. He does visually inspiring & sometimes humourous posters of current affairs in Malaysia (political satire).

Mob yr posters of late... "NICE". My FAVE at the moment must be the RPK face mask one. Very functional.. :) The "no oral sex one"... hehehhe.. no comments..

Go here for more from Mob's Crib.