Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happee Nu Year!!!

Wow... It's been awhile. End of last year was quite a bz time at work. Was travelling a fair bit on Dec, a week in SG for workshop and immediately to Sydney via BKK also for work. Was there to shadow our counterpart and learn from her how do they manage digital in an FMCG environment. Back in KL for a week and I was off to BKK and surroundings for Christmas and New Year.

Was in BKK for 4days, then off to Pattaya(where I only saw the toilet for 24hrs), then off to Koh Samet for NYE and got back to BKK on 1st and was back in KL on 2nd.

What did I learn from all this?

Well, BKK airport has a great massage place in the terminal, so if u got time to kill or are transiting at ridiculous times u know where to go. The Mango Tree restaurant serves quite decent Thai food. . Platinum Plaza is a great place to shop, Chatuchak is too HOT, Spending NYE at a beach is COOL, though crowded... Especially if every hotel on the beach is letting off fireworks continuosly for 20 min non-stop.

And not to forget, too much sticky rice gives u indigestion.. :(

P.S.:- pics to follow later...;)

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