Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cruising on my M65... :)

No its not a Beemer(BMW) M65.. though i could wish it.. lol.. Just got myself a DELL Precision M65..

No its not sexy & sleek like the
Mac's but its a workstation class, workhorse for me.. This is my desktop replacement, after running my good ol'
PIII into the ground..

Well, little history on my PIII, it started as a PIII 550Mhz with 128MB of SDRAM in year 2000 whilst i was doing my final year of uni in Kiwiland(NZ)... it was actually good enough to do 3D modelling & animation on Lightwave 5 ok?!! dun pray pray.. After numerous upgrades & repairs for the past 8yrs she ends her commision as a PIII 1Ghz 512MB SDRAM with a souped up video card (thanks to Chris Mob), 32bit Creative Live soundcard, Asus P3BF(i think old mobo fried), changed Power Supply(old one fried also).

Neways, check out the pics below.. ;)

The Red Pill or Blue Pill???

The BLUE Pill PLEASE!!!!

Roche's Synflex (or its generic name Naproxen) was a godsend today, the weather in KL's been bloody HOT lately... I finally succumbed to it.. Woke up with a mild migraine today!!! Throbbing pain in the pit of my left eye and the nerves on the left side my head all tense..

1st attack in a long, long, long time.. (FYI, writing this post with sunglasses on)

No it wasn't due to setting up this blog.. :P

(*Note: This blog is not endorsed by Roche in anyway.. :P)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Microphone check 1, 2!! 1, 2!!!

Watsup!! watsup!! My first posting y'all.. LOL... :)

Just setting this up for me to rant & rave.. all views are purely personal y'all..

U'll be hearing more from me.. Laters..